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The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts

The Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts is a unique tome containing a high-quality presentation of the museum's works, one of the world's best collections. The traditions of patronage, high spiritual enlightenment, intelligence and sophistication 
were and remain a priority direction in the museum, whose collection is recognized at the international level.

The book is a high-quality gift option that was created under the guidance of the best specialists in their field. The spiritual heritage of the museum, the heritage of the Ukrainian people, is presented in its best angles and high-quality printing.

The authors of the series are Andreiev Mykhailo, Danilov Oleksii. We have the honour to present the third volume. It includes a book with two silk slips, a numbered certificate, cases, a box, all wrapped in gift paper and protective film. The weight of the book is about 6 kg. The language of the publication is Ukrainian, English.

Illustrations of works of art will find a worthy place in the libraries of intellectuals, businessmen and politicians. The book will be a great gift and allows you to have a broad overview of the wealth of the museum collection, the collection exhibits of which are not affected by time and values, thanks to the selfless work of the museum workers.

Get a glimpse of history, architecture, and fine art in one edition
State collections of Ukraine
English & Ukrainian
State Assemblies of Ukraine
Andreiev Mykhailo, Danilov Oleksii
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The history of Ukraine from connoisseurs to connoisseurs